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How a custom event tent can set you apart

The trade show industry does billions of dollars of revenue every year. That alone demonstrates the importance of presenting your product in a professional way.

The Benefits Of Having A Custom Event tent

Trade shows and other special events can provide tremendous opportunities for your business. You can make sales, hunt down leads, and build relationships. Standing out at busy events like these can be hard. With a printed custom event tent, however, you have the opportunity to showcase your business’s most important information. You can also express what makes you special.

The possibilities are only limited by your creativity! If you’re a business owner who feels like you could benefit from all of the unique advantages a printed gazebo can provide, Event Display can help! At Event Display, we specialize in creating a variety of branding pieces companies can leverage at a business to business and consumer-facing events.

Capital Banner and Printing has put together this post to help you determine if you need a custom-made tent for your trade shows and events and how it should be incorporated into your marketing efforts.

1) A custom event will make you marketing look more professional

Have you ever gone to a trade show and noticed the booth with the blank custom event tent,  boring custom vinyl banners or custom feather flags, After all, nobody wants to buy from a company that makes them uneasy about the quality of merchandise they’ll be receiving. When you have our custom event tent, you’ll make it clear to customers that you take your brand seriously. They will understand that you mean business for all of your potential clients.  With a custom printed tent, whether someone is standing in front of your booth or 10 booths away, if they’re glancing in your direction, they’re going to see your branding. These impressions you’re getting are invaluable to boosting the return on investment you get from events. If your custom event tent is plain, you’re essentially missing out on a free billboard that can foster engagement with potential customers.

Custom Event Tent full set
Complete Custom Event Tent Set









2) You let them know what you are selling with a custom event tent

If you’re selling steak at your restaurant, you will want that photo of that juicy delicious steak right there on your marketing.   Our custom full color tents will allow anyone nearby to see what you are marketing.  Custom tents will break down that barrier and your customers are much more likely to come to you to learn more about your product


3) Your trade show booth should be the best at any show

Many times people attending will wander until they see something that interest them.  Be the booth with the exciting cant miss marketing tools Sometimes it’s your custom table cloths. Sometimes it’s a custom banner or custom feather flag. Imagine though if your booth could be a focal point!


4) You can target your look to your current event

People who attend events want to feel like the vendors are as excited about being there as they are. Nothing says that better than utilizing a  trade show display that is exciting as it is informative. This can be as simple as incorporating the event’s name in your custom event tent. It can be as deep as going with a graphics package on your custom event tent that aligns with the event’s theme.


6) You can take your branding beyond your full color canopy.

When people think about custom event tents, some think about just the tent canopy. Many of our custom event tents, however, have inner, back, and side walls. With a custom event tent design, you can print on all of those surface areas of your tent in full color.  Put you phone number, social media handles, website’s, and more. With a printed custom event tent, every surface can act as a business card that will increase the likelihood of making a sale!


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