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How custom tents can increase business at trade shows

You may be thinking about a trade shows that could help you gain more clients for your business. One of the things to look for is a good quality custom event tent to use for your booth. CapitalBanner offers you a variety of styles, colors, and printing options to make sure your presentation blows the competition away. Our custom tents are versatile and durable enough to work both indoors and outdoors with the minimum amount of problems possible.

We offer custom tents in different sizes along with banners and covers that allow you to promote the products and services of your business in the best way possible. This type of exposure can prove to be fruitful for your brand name. In this article, we will cover a few of the many benefits offered by custom tents at trade shows and conventions.

Understanding business at trade shows

A trade show is an event where companies and businesses participate to promote their products and services. A trade show can focus on one category only, such as technology, vehicles, airplanes, or multiple categories at once. These types of trade show displays are an effective way for different people to connect with potential customers. Business owners can showcase their offerings and provide information about them to the public. Trade shows can take place indoors, such as the inside of a large building. They may also be held outdoors, on a vast ground. Whatever the location may be, custom tents will aid you in establishing your brand effectively.

As a business owner, taking part in trade shows can allow you to catch more attention from the public. You can even convert your visitors into customers. When setting up at your position, you would need a tent that stands out and is easy to set up. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, trade shows and conventions are being held outdoors mostly. Therefore, a custom tent can work well in a socially distanced environment while offering protection from the weather. 

Benefits of custom tents for business:

You might be wondering about the usefulness of custom tents for an upcoming trade show. The truth is, they are a worthwhile investment. Here are some good points to consider:

  1. Your business moves with you: 

With a custom tent, you will not be fixed to one place only. You can present your products and services at multiple places and shows instead of one fixed showroom. No matter which event or show you go to, custom tents allow you to present your brand anywhere with ease. Add some colorful graphics to them and you will be all set. This way, you receive more exposure and interactions from people, both of which will help you in gaining new customers.

  1. Easier to attract attention:

 When you are at a trade show event, there are surely other businesses and competitors present there as well. This can make it difficult to stand out from them. So you need something that prominently highlights your presence. Our custom tents for businesses can be customized for trade shows with beautiful graphics and outstanding colors to make them unique and eye-catching. High quality is maintained as well, thus creating a great first impression on any interested visitor. The more people you attract, the higher the chance of them becoming buyers, thus allowing your business to expand.

  1. Quick and easy transport: 

If you attend many events, you need a shelter that isn’t too complicated to set up. Moreover, you’ll want to avoid bulky equipment that requires transport services. With custom tents, both these problems are solved. Our tents are lightweight and can be folded back to fit into a wheeled carry bag, making them extremely simple to carry with you wherever you go. This convenience can be invaluable when traveling to or from a convention.

  1. Painless Installation: 

One of the best parts of a custom tent is the ease of use. There is no special expertise or complicated tools required to plant a custom event tent. This ensures that you don’t waste valuable time at a trade show in setting up your tent. The simple installation procedure shows the attendees of the show that you are not going to waste their time. This positive outlook of your brand will help your business bloom. In contrast, if you are visibly struggling in setting up your booth, it will drive away potential customers.

  1. A Good shelter: 

Those trade show events that are held outdoors add one more factor to consider: a nice shelter. This is not just for you and your team, but anyone who approaches your tent will appreciate the covering from the weather, especially on hot days. Visitors are more likely to hang around at your booth this way, thus opening up the opportunity to ask more questions about your business. Therefore, custom tents increase your chance of meeting new customers because they offer them a comfortable shade from the elements of weather.


Some helpful tips Of Using Custom Tents In Trade Shows


So you just learned about the benefits of using custom event tents for trade shows and conventions. However, there are some measures you can take by yourself to further increase the success of your business:


  • Do some research: 


To increase your chances of success at any trade show, it might prove to be useful to thoroughly research the market. Look into past events of competitors and other businesses to see what made them outstanding at those events. This will help you in finding those methods and tricks that work and those that don’t so that you can get the best possible setup for your booth. Getting to know the dynamics of the market in-depth will help you find something unique so that you can appeal better to potential customers and increase your sales.


  • Add more to your display: 


When aiming for eye-catching looks for your booth, don’t just stop at the tent itself. We offer a variety of other add-ons for trade show displays that you can use to ensure you pull in a higher number of people to your business: 


  • Table covers
  • Table Runners
  • Step and Repeat Backdrop (with stand)
  • Roll-up Banners
  • X-stand banners


When you add these items alongside your custom tent, you will increase your brand’s visual appearance significantly. It’s all about making your booth unique from the rest and doing something different than the competition.

  • Highlight your brand name:


People are more likely to be attracted to a good color scheme and a catchy slogan. Let your logo and colors speak volumes about your business by displaying them proudly and clearly on your custom tent. This will increase your attraction in the eyes of potential new clients. We offer a variety of colors and high-resolution photograph printing options that are sure to satisfy your needs. People tend to remember catchy lines and well-designed logos, so use that to your advantage and design your custom tent with these factors in mind to make your business grow.

  • Location matters: 


At any trade show event, the place you set up your booth is important. It can greatly influence the number of people that visit your tent. So choose a strategic location to set up your tent if you have the option to do so. For example, those booths that are located in the middle of many others in the same line are less likely to catch a lot of attention. Whereas those booths that are located near a small cafe or food stall are more likely to catch more people that are taking a break or waiting in line. Your main concern is to increase the presence of your custom tent so do whatever you can to highlight your visibility.

  • Give people a reason to visit:


To make your booth more unique, try thinking of adding other things to generate interest in the minds of onlookers. You can offer some free samples, or add games with prizes. Making interactive activities and giveaways a part of your booth will draw more people into your custom tent. You can also have your staff or team members perform demonstrations of your products if possible. The key here is to hold the interest of your attendees with some amount of fun while also informing them about the products and services of your business. This way, you will attract even more people to your tent.


So you are now aware of the benefits of using custom tents at trade shows to expand your business. These kinds of shows give you a marvelous opportunity to get in touch with potential new customers who might be interested in your business. Moreover, when you make use of custom tents and banners at trade events, you further expand your business by moving away from your office and catching the eyes of on-lookers.

Capitalbanner has got you covered at any trade event by offering high-quality, durable, and perfectly designed tents. So make sure you utilize your participation well at those events so that you may maximize your profits.

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