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How people buy more from companies with professional marketing tools like tents and flags


Custom tents and flags speak for the company. They are professional marketing tools that are invaluable for any business or company looking to increase its brand value. These tools can be customized to your liking, creating endless possibilities that allow you to attract the customer’s attention with ease. You can get the company’s logo, name, and slogan printed not just on the custom tents but also the flags and banners. Anyone who looks at them will remember your company and people can also get an idea of the services you offer. Using custom tents as a marketing tool can help you gather more customers without worrying about spending too much due to the low costs required.

Using unbranded regular tents can result in ineffective marketing, causing you to lose out on potential sales because they fail to catch any attention. They can cause a dent in your hard work, and no one wants that. Marketing is an essential part of any business, and it initially might seem confusing to do it properly.


Why do custom tents increase customers?


So why do custom tents and flags reel in more customers? There is a reason they are a popular choice these days. Here are a few qualities of custom tents that make them a smart choice for any company:


Great first impression:

  1. The first thing that viewers notice about your booth is the custom tent. At any event or show, a high-quality custom tent along with flags and banners are powerful marketing tools that give a positive first impression to any onlookers. To make any business or company successful, attracting new customers while retaining old ones is imperative. In a sea of competitors, people notice details like the branding and quality of the tents and banners within the various booths. They prefer to go to someone who has the best presentation because they know that the company or business cares about their image and credibility. Custom tents and flags are perfect for this very reason as they significantly improve the outlook of any company, thus making them a wise choice for that company whether it’s small or huge.

Prominent display of brand logo:

A unique logo helps your company stand out and aids in its identification. A beautifully designed logo is valuable for the brand value of any company or business. It becomes a mark of quality when a business becomes successful. Hence, it should be displayed prominently whenever the company is taking part in any show or event, for example, a trade show. Custom tents with logos and flags serve that purpose well. They offer multiple printing options that allow you to place your logo strategically with beautiful colors so that it is noticeable from far away.

Highlight services and products:

Any company, especially a start-up, requires a slogan or statement that expresses the services and products it offers. Anyone who has no idea about the company can get an idea by reading that statement. It is vital to have a short and eye-catching text that sums up the company’s purpose to any viewer. This text can be attractively printed on your custom tents so that people develop an interest in your company. Exposure works wonders for all companies and businesses, which is a remarkable quality of custom tents.

An eye-catching array of colors:

Although it seems easy to apply any random color onto your tent, it is wise to consider the choices. Colors are a part of all lives, and each one broadcasts a different perception onto the minds of onlookers. So it makes sense to pick out the right color to showcase your brand. Studies have shown that colors influence a person’s decisions. You can use this to your advantage, no matter if you are the owner of a small company or a large business. At Capital Banner, we offer you full-color printing options on our tents that ensure you have your booth set up the way you want it to look.


Advertising on TV or social media comes with high costs. Large companies will probably not have a problem with that, but small ones might face a few issues. Comparatively, ordering and customizing a tent for your business ain’t too expensive. Flags are even cheaper. Both these options still offer professional and effective marketing, making them helpful for small businesses looking to stay within the budget.

As you can see, custom tents and banners can prove to be quite effective in pushing your sales up. Additionally, you should pay attention to how you choose and customize your tent. This factor can significantly influence how successful your event goes. Always aim for high-quality tents, because people will notice if you try to cheap out a lot, creating a negative review of your business. We have many custom tents for sale that come in different sizes and with various add-ons. You can choose the right style and colors according to your requirements.

Adding some flags to the mix

Custom tents with logos are impressive on their own, but adding banners or flags can further spruce up your presence in an event. Flags offer unique benefits of their own. For instance, if there is a large crowd at the event you are participating in, it might be difficult for the attendees to view your tents and banners. Flags are beneficial in this situation. They come in different shapes, such as angled and teardrop that come in small and large sizes. Flags are a valuable add-on to your booth by helping you catch attention no matter how close or far a person is standing.

Customized flags also save space. Monster or feather flags do not have huge stands and extend vertically. Moreover, feather flags are offered in different sizes too. They are a good option in the case of an issue of space at your booth. Not only do you have the liberty to customize their color and design, but also their height. You can make the most of the space you are setting up in. They can even be used inside a shop too, to mark a sale or promotion.

Steps you can take from your end

Apart from investing in a custom tent and accessories, there are a few measures you can take to expand the list of your clients:

Choose the right company: There are a lot of companies and vendors selling custom tents. However, it pays to do your research and buy your products from a reputable company. You may find a company which you can stick to for the long term. When you buy your custom tents from a good company, they can suggest what kind of materials will be better for the type of show you will be attending and maybe even some design ideas based on your needs. On the other hand, buying from the wrong place will inadvertently affect your outlook and sales. So choose wisely.

Pick the right size:

When shopping for a tent and other accessories, make sure you get the right size. Before placing an order, take note of the space available to you at the venue you will present in. Moreover, you should also keep in mind the number of attendees you expect to accommodate inside a tent. For example, if it is a small event with fewer participants, there is no point in spending money for a large size. Keep the comfort of your visitors in mind, as this will get you positive reviews.

Go for high-quality:

A custom tent and banner are not single-use. You will most likely participate in many events and shows, some of which may require traveling. Thus, you should go for high-quality materials to get long-term use out of them. There is an added benefit of attracting more potential customers because they will gain confidence in your brand due to your use of quality materials. We use sturdy aluminum frames and water-resistant 600 denier level polyester fabric to ensure you have peace of mind at all events you attend.


As the owner or manager of a company, you should utilize as many available opportunities as possible. The way you present your brand can significantly influence the number of new customers that deal with your company. With the use of custom tents, banners, and flags, you can dramatically increase your chances of success at the events you will attend. So use your time and efforts to customize these marketing tools in the best way possible since they are a pocket-friendly yet powerful way to showcase your company. Remember, people are attracted to bright colors and beautiful designs, so use your tools and imagination to increase the traffic at your booth and blow the competition away.

We have different custom tents for sale, along with multiple other custom accessories that give your company one of the best-looking booths out there. So place your order now and watch new customers flock towards you.

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