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How To Choose The Perfect Feather Flag

Choosing a feather flag might seem simple, but to ensure you make the most out of your investment. We suggest you keep these five key factors in mind when choosing the right feather flag. Choosing the perfect feather flag depends on a number of aspects such as the message you wish to send, the quality of the flag, the shape of the flag, its structure, size, and whether you should get a single side or double side printing.



The first thing you need to keep in mind is the message you wish to print on your flag. As the logo and message will take up most of the space on your flag, you have to ensure they are set in perfectly.


Secondly, you must keep it short and sweet. Keep in mind that the flag is designed to offer the message in a single glance, and people will not stop to read a long message. This is why we recommend a short and crisp note.


Lastly, when looking to showcase a large square or round-shaped logo we suggest you use a feather flag, square flag, or dragonfly flag. However, when you wish to showcase one or two long words we would recommend the teardrop flag.



Feather flags are designed to attract attention by moving around and creating an illusion of flying. Making them a great choice for any business, or event that is looking to attract attention. However, these feather flags are ideally designed for limited messages and designs making sure people can easily take in the message as the feather flag flutters.



One of the best features of a feather flag is that it comes in a range of sizes to choose from. This helps a great deal when you are dealing with issues such as height limitations, or need a slightly bigger or smaller printing space. With the option to choose a certain size, you can easily set up custom feather flags indoors and outdoors.


Single or Double

When getting a custom feather flag printed the most common confusion is whether you should go with a single side print, or get a double side print. While both have their pros and cons based on your requirements. However, we suggest you get double-sided printing. This way you make an impact regardless of where your audience is standing. Making sure you are making the most out of every single custom printed feather flag you set down.


Ultimately the choices you make will help you create the perfect advertisement, one that will hold all that you wanted and make a lasting impact on everyone passing by. However, when looking to ensure you get the most out of every single feather flag, we suggest you hire a professional who can help guide you through these aspects. Someone who understands the business, and your budget. Creating a unique blend of custom feather flags that match your budget, and exceed your expectations.


Visit our feather flags page to design your own.