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Step and Repeat Banner

Step and Repeat Banners

Step and Repeat red Carpet

A step and repeat banner is a perfect option for any occasion, ranging from trade shows, weddings, retail displays, and many others. More so, these step and repeat banners are always made from washable fabric, so it will not reflect light like a vinyl banner. They are printed using a dye sublimation process so it last longer and are more legible than the ones on other materials, such as vinyl. Bottom line, the colors simply “pop” when using the fabric display.

Step and repeat banners are sold as a complete set with a carrying case. Further, the set has the weight of approximately 22 lbs with aluminum poles used for mounting the backdrop having around 18 lbs, while a fabric banner with the width of about seven sheets of copy paper carries the other 4 lbs. Our step and repeat banners are simple to set up and can be assembled very quickly. Of course, our step and repeat banners are printed in full color and are customized for whatever your needs are


Step and Repeat Banner Usage

The step and repeat backdrop is the most suitable for indoor use due to outdoor weather, sunlight and wind. Nevertheless, it can still be ordered for outdoor occasions, especially in circumstances when the weather is calm, and a smooth solid surface is available to provide support to the banner in case of unexpected strong winds. For outdoor use, we would recommend our full color custom vinyl banners or our custom full color feather flags. Concerning its maintenance, a step and repeat banner can be washed with the use of a washing machine choosing a low cycle and cold-water regime. Alternatively, it can also be wiped with a wet cloth and mounted on poles for drying and preventing creasing. In situations where a step and repeat banner is overly creased, it can be straightened with the use of the low heat iron option.

Step and Repeat Banner Stand Hardware

At Capital Banner and Printing, out step and repeat backdrop poles are made from aluminum, which provides a rigid and stable structure, maintaining the lightweight quality of the banner. In addition, poles grid portions are made from high quality and light plastic that facilitates the loosening of the extendable poles for the purpose of adjusting the height, width, and sizes of the frame. In addition, the banner is manufactured as a one-sided frame that does not allow light to pass through and can be used for the display of one event at a time only.

Step and Repeat Banners at the Capital Banner and Printing

Capital Banner and Printing produces step and repeat banners that have the durability of approximately several years when properly cared for. Also, customers need less than ten minutes to assemble the step and repeat banner. Our step and repeat banners come 3 sizes, 8 x 8, 9 x 8 and 10 x 8. In addition, the quality of the banner is enhanced by the heat process method that involves dye sublimation. This factor provides competitive advantage to our company in comparison to other businesses that manufacture a wide range of banners made from other materials and using alternative methods that are much cheaper but of lower quality and durability.

Our customers have always loved step and repeat banners because of the quality. Even more so is when they see the price. Our entire step and repeat banner sets start at $199 which is an incredible deal.

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