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Types of Feather Flags

Feather flags are a great way to advertise your business or spread a message. Commonly crafted using budget-friendly materials they offer full visible printing on both sides which are set on a flagpole. The reason behind their name is the curved top and bottom that give them a unique appearance.


These feather flags are custom printed and can carry a range of vibrant colors and even come in a range of sizes to choose from. To help understand which is the best for your business, we have listed down different types of feather flags available in the market.


Classic Feather Flag – A classic feather flag comes with a straight body, where the top and the bottom of the flag are curved. Creating a similar impression such as the tips of a feather, while maintaining a balanced yet appealing curved shape. Offering you enough space to showcase your logo, design, and even share a short yet powerful message.


Teardrop Feather Flag – Inspired by the name the teardrop feather flag showcases an upside-down teardrop shape. Bringing forward a plump and well-rounded edge on the top, and a tapered style towards the bottom. To ensure exceptional support these feather flags come with a long and cursive over-the-top pole, one that can easily hold and showcase the teardrop shape. Designed to ensure the teardrop shape does not curve from the top, or hide your message, logo, or design at any point. One thing to consider is that the teardrop feather flag offers less printing space than the classic feather flag.


Straight & Edgy Flag – The straight flag comes with a feather-shaped top and a rectangular-shaped bottom. While the edgy flag comes with a classic rectangle shape. Both feather flags offer a generous printing area, making sure you make a complete impact when it comes to getting a message across. However, straight and edgy flags are more prone to fluttering during a gush of wind when compared to classic feather flags.


These are the three types of feather flags you can choose from. While the classic feather flag is said to be the preferred choice, you can choose one of the others based on your marketing plan and set up space.


Feather Flag Base Styles

Feather flags come in different styles and types, allowing you to choose the one that matches your unique requirements. Here is a quick list of all the different base styles available:

  1. Ground Stakes
  2. Cross Bases


Choosing the correct base can help you set up in no time, and make sure your feather flags are safe and secure in place at all times. We suggest you choose the base type keeping your advertising needs in mind. For instance, when setting up a feather flag you will need to ensure no amount of wind can knock them over without trying. Similarly, when setting up indoors, you must comply with advertisement policies and choose a base that is widely accepted.

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