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What tools can you use at events besides custom tents?

Custom tents and banners are a unique advertising tool that helps distinguish you and your business from competitors at an event. However, you may be looking to enhance your image at your next show. To achieve this goal, you should look into the various accessories and add-ons you can place at your booth instead of using custom tents only. Creating an attractive appearance at a show can significantly enhance your brand awareness and increase the number of prospective customers. In the competitive world of today, it pays to direct your effort towards being different than others. Some business owners might prefer to do the bare minimum in terms of a tent that might make potential customers turn away. So it’s best to invest in promoting your brand to show the world you are serious about your work. You cannot deny the role of custom tents here.

Fortunately, Capital Banner offers numerous marketing tools to ensure you look your best at whatever show you attend.

X-Stand Banners (Except Custom Tents and Banners):

X-stand banners are placed at multiple locations, such as trade shows, fairs, other events, to either attract attention or advertise your business. If you are looking to promote your business or display products, these stands do the job well. X-stand banners are sturdy, durable, lightweight, and cost-effective. The graphical insert can also be changed which makes the stand reusable for other purposes. Hence these banners are a smart choice for marketing purposes. When not in use, these stands can be folded and placed in a carry bag to facilitate transport without hassle. The dimensions of the X-stand banners are 32’ x 71’.

Roll-up Banners: 

Roll-up banners are a professional tool in the arsenal of a business. This type of banner is effective for marketing and widely used by different companies. It is still present at many shows, making them a popular marketing choice even after significant advances in technology. Retractable banners are lightweight, portable, and easy to carry in the included carrying case. You can use them to promote your business professionally. The unique factor about roll-up banners is that they can retract when you need to transport or store them, as the name suggests.

Our roll-up banners have the following features:

  • Strong aluminum casing
  • Attractive full-color print
  • Premium polyester fabric
  • Dimensions (width x height): 33’ x 81’

Step & Repeat Backdrop:

The name of these stands gets derived from their significance at events. A person steps in front of the Backdrop, gets their picture clicked, and then a different person repeats the same process. Our Backdrop with a stand is portable and ideal for such photoshoots or trade show booths. The people who take pictures in front of the Backdrops tend to share them online, which gets your brand some exposure on many social media platforms. Step & Repeat backdrops are also versatile enough to be used on various events, such as trade shows, conferences, media events, and wedding ceremonies. A carry bag is supplied with the package to make transport easy.


  • Washable fabric
  • High-quality digital printing at 720×720 resolution
  • Dye-sublimation printing
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Curl-free edge
  • Easy installation and replacement of graphical insert

Table Runners:

Our table runners add grace and style to your booth while staying at an affordable price. These runners are versatile and can be draped over the event tables at the front, top, or back, making them a perfect addition to commercial custom tents. A bland table might be transformed into an eye-catching advertising tool. We also offer a range of design options, so you can choose the design and color as per your specifications. There isn’t much to table runners because they are simple rectangular pieces of fabric used for branding or decoration. However, the design of these runners can be freely customized to stand out at multiple events such as shows, fairs, and school or college functions. You have the freedom to get a colorful design printed or stick to simple text on our table runners.


  • High-resolution printing at 720×720 resolution
  • Full-color options
  • With or without a tablecloth
  • Washable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Available in 24’ x 72’ or 36” x 72” sizes.

Table covers:

 As opposed to table runners, table covers are a full tablecloth that drapes over the top and all sides of your event table. The tables often look worn and uninteresting, but a table cover can easily change that. A cover can hide the table’s defects while doubling as effective advertising material. Moreover, table covers are also helpful to hide the items and boxes you bring to the event. Therefore, you will give your booth an organized look, which projects a positive image to your visitors. We offer table covers that look great at trade shows, expos, and other events.


  • Dye-sublimated printing
  • Two pieces of polyester sewn together
  • Completely washable
  • Hang down almost 2” above the floor when placed on a 30” wide and 30” tall table
  • Available in 6” and 8” sizes
  • Either 3 or 4 covering sides as per your need

A-Frames & Inserts:

A-Frame signs are a powerful advertising tool that is used on sidewalks. These signs are outside cafes, restaurants, ice-cream shops, and other similar places, displaying their menu or specials. The A-frames are also an effective tool for business promotion. They are invaluable for any business that has significant foot traffic around it. With a good design and bright colors, you can attract any passersby easily. A-Frames allow easy replacement of graphics based on your needs.


  • Strong plastic board
  • Two recessed graphic areas on both front and back, in 24” x 36” size
  • UV-printed Vinyl graphics for full-color signs
  • Easy switchable graphical inserts make the A-Frames versatile
  • Corrugated plastic inserts


We have two kinds of A-Frame signs available, which include 

  1. Standard A-Frame signs that use velcro to attach the inserts, making them easy to change
  2. Premium A-Frame signs that are black and white with notches to make swapping inserts easier

Custom flags:

Custom flags are versatile, durable, and simple tools that allow you to stand out from the competition. They are attractive and used indoors and outdoors. Flags are a unique way to catch the attention of potential customers because they are available in different sizes. They can be helpful in places where space might become an issue. Custom banner flags are an attractive addition to mark a sale, convey information, or promoting products. You can choose to get any design printed based on your creativity and requirements, making the flags eye-catching to any onlookers. The flags are versatile enough to be used as a permanent fixture or as temporary advertising tools at events. Additionally, custom flags are durable and sturdy to withstand any weather changes, making them a worthwhile investment for long-term use.

We offer two kinds of flags:

  1. Angled flags, which come in 9’ (small), 10.5’ (medium), and 14’ (large) sizes
  2. Teardrop flags, which come in 7′ (small), 9’ (medium), and 11’ (large) sizes

Monster Flags:

Are you looking for something massive and bold to make a statement? Then take a look at our custom-printed monster flags. They are a prominent and loud way to get your message across to potential customers. Monster flags are an invaluable resource if you aim to stand out at events. Due to their size, monster flags are easily visible from a distance which can significantly increase your brand’s visibility in a crowd. We offer these flags with various design and print options to suit your needs.


  • High-resolution printing
  • Sturdy poles included
  • High-quality ground stakes to keep the custom banner flag firm
  • Size: 17″

Yard Signs:

You may find these signs in many areas during events such as elections. However, they are not limited to campaigns. Yard signs are an effective tool for advertising your business as well. They are also known as coroplast signs and often used in some events or placed along the road in a residential area. These signs are cost-effective and perfect for marketing your products and services. We offer single and double-sided signs that are bound to attract attention from people.

Depending on your requirements, we have two colour options to choose from:

  1. Single colour yard signs
  2. Full-colour yard signs


When attending a trade show or other event, the only way to increase customers is to generate interest in custom tents. As a business owner, you should look into effective marketing solutions. You can use commercial custom tents on their own, but adding other tools to your booth will help you make the most of your participation. As you can see, adding multiple well-designed and colourful structures to your booth will help you catch more attention than your competitors. Making investments to promote your products and services gives prospective clients an impression that you pay attention to your business, which raises your credibility and brand value in their eyes.

Consider taking a look at our multiple pocket-friendly options and use what you need to blow the competition away at your next event.

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